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Within the scope of our company’s service scope expansion, preparations for ISO 37301:2021 standard accreditation continue. This accreditation will be realized with our 2023 audit, and detailed information regarding the receipt of first certificate applications according to ISO 37301:2021 will also be provided in this area. We present it to your information.

What is ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management System?

ISO 37301:2021 describes the method required for organizations to establish, develop and maintain a compliance management system. It helps organizations comply with legal obligations. By operating this management system, organizations can manage their risks regarding compliance with the business sector, social values, legal processes and legal regulations. It also contributes to the successful management of corporate sustainability. ISO 37301 Compliance Management System offers principles such as transparency, accountability, integrity and good governance.
Benefits of ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management System;
  • helps manage corporate risks.
  • facilitates the compliance of its processes with legal and customer conditions.
  • Ensures effective follow-up of the processes related to the follow-up of new legislation.
  • Ensures compliance with consumer protection laws and prevents possible administrative penalties and sanctions.