• Individual
• Rules
• And information management systems


What do you do if all your work computers are gone right now?

• Our life has changed from being knowledge-oriented to knowledge-based.
• Nowadays, there is no information based business.
• Many laws, regulations and conditions (customer, international requirements, etc.) affect our lives.

Human as an individual

Single, Aware of your existence, Precious More knowledgeable, More demanding (singular) more incapable

People in society

Multi, Relationship management, Concepts management, Rules management, Responsibilities, Homework and tasks Legal compliance Seeking solutions in endless turmoil.

Which concept is your concept?

– Production volume
– Quality
– Productivity
– Social responsibilities
– Innovative
– Sustainability
Which concept can you give up?

How can everyone be equal?

Can one be the one who does not obey the society and the rules?

Is it fair that the rules work the same for both heroes?

Can technology not shape rules?

Technology moves to a system approach

• The technology goes beyond a single image and recording process.
• It is a tool for decision making.
• A traffic accident, loss caused by individual, urban and country level must be calculated and a city should be managed with this decision support system.
• These systems should be able to talk to each other,

• Systems designed, applied, questioned, controlled and continuously developed Can management systems be a solution?

For our quality of life, environment, knowledge, risks, health…

People and quality requirement

– Life quality
– Security
– Sustainability
– Environmental harmony
– Risk management
– Information security
– Information services
– Social responsibilities
– Personal information security

Which is a value that today’s people can give up?

People and quality requirement

– Life quality ISO 9001 Quality Management System
– Security ISO 45001 Occupational health and Safety
– Sustainability ISO 22301 Occupational sustainability
– Environmental harmony ISO 14001 environmental management system
– Risk management ISO 31000 Risk Management System
– Security of information ISO 27001 Information Security Management
– Information services ISO 20000 Information Services Management
– Ethical approach ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management
– Social responsibility ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
– Personal information security BS 10012 Personal Information Security Management

Is the solution key among the question (s)?