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Participation Requirements
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Target Audience

In the field of Quality Management Systems, internationally validated, Lead auditor trainings are very useful for people who want to make a career in this field, take part in 2nd party audits on behalf of their organization and work extensively in the management system. The trainings we provide;
Lead Auditor Training ISO 9001 Quality Management System Lead Auditor Training Purpose:
The aim of this course is to improve the capabilities of auditors in accordance with ISO 19011 standard in order to carry out Quality Management Systems Audits effectively and appropriately. The aim of the course is to provide basic information, to create a discussion environment, to transfer experience and to strengthen the subject with practical studies.



  • Those who want to audit your organization’s quality management system according to the requirements of IS0 9001
  • Auditors and QMS managers aiming to have a widely accepted qualification
  • If you want to meet formal auditor / Lead auditor training requirements for IRCA certification


  • The purpose of QMS and the principles of ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Definitions for interpreting and auditing ISO 9001 requirements
  • To be able to analyse ISO 9001 substances and to indicate examples of evidence to show compliance with these requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities of the auditor and Lead auditor
  • How to plan and conduct an interview with senior management and assess the organization’s policies and objectives
  •  How to prepare an effective site audit plan by comparing processes and audit team
  • How to audit processes on the basis of any quality objective for compliance and effectiveness
  • How to prepare a process-based checklist for the audit
  • To collect objective evidence through observation, interview and document review
  • How to assess evidence and identify compliance and non-compliance based on requirements
  • How audit findings relate to the organization’s policies and objectives, and how to present the overall assessment to senior management
  • Reporting findings according to ISO 9001 requirements, how to write and classify non-compliance reports, and assess corrective actions

Participation Requirements

  • Basic information and perspective about ISO 9001 and audit
  • If possible, you should have already received ISO 9001 information trainings to facilitate understanding
  • Basic information about the work of organizations and the role of senior management


The Information Security management system is an extremely important standard, used in a combination of numerous disciplines. Corporate information security needs require the establishment, operation and audit of Information Security Management Systems.
ISO 27001 Information Security auditors should have conceptual and practical knowledge of compliance with the requirements of the standard and the audit, and be able to gain competencies in terms of both application and audit.
The training includes the ISO 27001 standard as well as the narration, questioning, practice and examination for ISO 19011 audit practices.
At the end of the training, those who are successful in the exam, will deserve international ISO 27001 lead auditor certificate.

Training Content

  • Basic Concepts of Information Security and Importance of Information Security
  • ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Standard Summary
  • Security Threats and Investigations
  • Management of Security Risks
  • Selection of Security Controls
  • Information Security Management System Audit
  • Types and Forms of Audits
  • Audit Stages and Scope
  • Standards for Audit
  • Lead Auditor Features
  • Guidance and Management of the Audit Team
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Audit Question List
  • Audit Plan and Reporting
  • Interview techniques
  • Non-Compliance and Corrective Preventive Activity Report
  • List, Report, Plan Examples
  • Sample Audit Application
  • ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Qualification Exam

Target Audience

  • Professionals who want to improve the Information Security Management System in the Organization with Process Based Audit Method,
  • Managers and Other Authorities Wishing to Establish an Official Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001,
  • Existing security auditors who want to improve their auditing skills,
  • Consultants wishing to make recommendations on ISO 27001 System Certification
  • Information Security and Quality Experts and Consultants
  • Existing Internal Auditors and Auditor Candidates in the Institutions that will Conduct ISO 27001 Audits

ISO 27001 Bilgi Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemi Baş Denetçi Eğitimi Hedef Kitle

– Kuruluş İçinde Bilgi Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemini Süreç Bazlı Denetim Metoduyla Geliştirmek İsteyen Profesyoneller,
– ISO 27001’e Uygun Resmi Bir Bilgi Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemi (BGYS) Kurmak İsteyen Yöneticiler ve İlgili Diğer Yetkililer,
– Denetleme Becerilerini Geliştirmek İsteyen Mevcut Güvenlik Denetçileri,
– ISO 27001 Sistem Sertifikası Konusunda Tavsiyelerde Bulunmak İsteyen Danışmanlar
– Bilgi Güvenliği ve Kalite Uzmanları ve Danışmanları
– ISO 27001 Denetimlerini Yürütecek Olan Kurumlardaki Mevcut İç Denetçiler ve Denetçi Adayları