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Quality Management System
Implementation Purposes and Benefits

A company’s QM system is operating effectively when clear corporate goals have been defined; achievement of these objectives needs to be reflected in measurable results – based on meaningful key indicators that result from efficient and transparent processes.


DENETİK is an accredited organization from TÜRKAK for ISO 9001 certification.

Quality Management System

The best evidence for the quality ability of an organization is continuously improving results. A quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 helps to:

Win customer confidence
Increase customer satisfaction
Foster employee motivation
Clearly define responsibilities
Make decisions based on facts
Establish efficient and effective corporate processes
Minimize corporate risk
Initiate continuous improvement
Save time and operating costs
Prevent errors instead of correcting them
Improve corporate image
Reduce information gaps
Be able to react to changing market conditions in advance

Implementation Purposes and Benefits

Quality Management Systems are defined as the conditions to be applied during the establishment of the requirements, which are subject to certification audit; it is the standard that keeps the customer satisfaction in the foreground in all these processes, ensuring the quality by meeting the expectations and requirements of the customers in every process from the production of a product or from the service delivery to the customer’s arrival.