BS 10012 has been developed to help companies establish and maintain a best practice personal information management system that complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. It is the first standard that relates to the management of personal information. By following the framework set out within BS 10012, organisations can improve their data storage protection and manage data processing and data transfers better – so that they comply with legislation.


What is Data Protection, Personal Information Management System?

The BS 10012 Personal Information Management System Standard is the first standard that relates to personal information management. By following the framework specified in BS 10012, the security of data stored by organizations can be improved; better data processing, data transfer management and compliance with legal requirements can be achieved.
This standard is required by the Board of Information Technology and Communication for the applications of Turkey BS 10012 Registered Electronic Mail.
Within the scope of its studies on information technology and security; Denetik Belgelendirme carries out BS 10012 Personal Information (Security) Management system audits and certifications.