Denetik was founded in 1999 to operate in the quality, productivity, and information technology sectors. The knowledge of its employees from various sectors has enabled Denetik to provide many sectors with institutional knowledge and to create a value-adding system.
Denetik has been operating for the implementation of management systems since 1999 and certification activities have begun in 2009.

International Activities

Denetik operates in all countries in which it has access to audit personnel and is permitted by accreditation bodies. Information about this issue is maintained properly, communicated on the website and provided if requested. In the strategic plan, Denetik aims to extend its business to the international level.

Denetik carries out its services on an international scale, especially in Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Italy and Canada.


Our values are definitely our employees. Valuable audit staff and the committees that are serving in the audit system are the distinguishing factors for Denetik’s service to its customers.


Our commitment is to implement and maintain continuity of processes that add high value and consist of audit, certification and training services with a development cycle to our clients.

Impartiality Commitment